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Fields Club Amenity Improvement Plan

The Fields Club has been implementing an Amenity Improvement Plan over the past two years.  This plan was created by evaluating existing club amenities, assessing the recreational needs of both neighborhoods (Amberfield and Riverfield), and identifying strategies to enhance existing (or possibly build new) club amenities that will benefit both neighborhoods.

The Fields Club Board of Directors shared this plan with Fields Club members at a community meeting held on March 16, 2022 and during two HOA sponsored meetings in August.  The purpose of these meetings was to both inform members and solicit their feedback.

The Facility Improvement Plan presentation can be found below.

Key highlights include:

  • Fields Club amenities have not been materially updated or renovated since they were constructed almost 30 years ago. And while the current resources available to the Board are enough to meet short-term operating expenses and minimal capital needs, they are not enough to keep up with the maintenance and/or repair needs of these aging facilities or to enhance them.
  • Fields Club amenities are a natural extension of the respective neighborhoods and strongly influence home values. To make the neighborhoods more appealing to current residents and more attractive to future ones, improvements must be made to the current club amenities.
  • For the Board to better meet these current needs and to prepare for future ones, some changes to the agreement between the Fields Club and the respective neighborhood HOAs are needed:
    • Combine all amenities (swim & tennis) into one single membership
    • Add an initiation fee for new residents (paid as part of their closing)
    • Increase the annual membership dues

Questions and comments about this plan are encouraged and can be submitted to the Board at

For additional resources, click on the links or images below:

One Page Summary PDF

FAQ Document PDF

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